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To have an assurance of being able to deliver a quality service a company must have quality employees. Amalgamated Security Services therefore takes great care in its recruitment and selection process. Amalgamted Security Services (Grenada) Ltd has one of the most extensive and thorough recruitment processes in the industry. Company policy dictates that every employee must undergo a mandatory drug test, background investigation, physical and psychological evaluation.   All prospective employees must submit an application for employment in their own handwriting, so that the company can determine their ability to deal with writing. In addition, prospective employees are tested to ensure their command of written English and ability to handle simple mathematics, in an entrance examination with a minimum passing grade.

At the interview, the applicant must submit a recent Police Certificate of Character, two passport size photographs along with references from reputable people they have known for years and the other usual documents.  In addition to the Certificate of Character the Company conducts background investigations on the individual to further ensure that there is nothing that would make the individual a liability to the Company or the Customer.

Applicants who are deemed suitable after the screening process and are approved at the interview stage are then placed in the Induction Training Program.



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